Cigniti UK Office

I spent last few days in London at our new office space in London, next to Liverpool / Moorgate Tube Station. It’s pretty swanky office, bright, colourful, cheery crowd around, nice features and amenities (including beer tap in the coffee area), and I am told that it is not pricy too. Glass walls all across floor(s), wide open spaces, spacious common areas, well stocked coffee bars, state of the art conference rooms, tasteful interiors, colourful backdrops made it extra fun to hang around the new office.

As a temporary visitor, I always found commute in London tubes to be fun and lot different than my usual commute in Hyderabad. It gives me a chance to walk a lot (and get my Fitbit quota to be achieved with lot more ease) and enjoy more time outdoor. This morning I followed Nanda, and Ramesh from Gants Hill tube station to our office at Moorgate, and recorded our journey to our office and inside the swanky office. I have also followed rest of the team including Shiva, Apurv, Deepak, Sonia, and Andrea as they attended client calls, team meeting and busy strategising sales pursuits. Later we went to Bangalore restaurant for team lunch, and took a long walk around the central London, and pretty peasant 5C weather. Now en route to Hyderabad.
Check the below video

For some red buses (specially double deck ones) fascinate me, as I have used similar buses to go to my grand parents house in old city of Hyderabad when I was child. It’s a pleasant site for me, when I see red buses around London silently zoom around. I have noticed that 95% or more of the buse that I have noticed this time were of double decker type.. Here is a typical sight, as I walked around the Central London last few days.


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