Cigniti Team Outing – Thanksgiving 2016

Folks from my teams (both Inside Sales & Pre-Sales) at Cigniti had an opportunity to bond at a team event at a local resort, on the eve of Thanksgiving Weekend in some parts of the world, used the opportunity to be thankful for so many good things both in our professional and personal lives. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all. Do make your long weekend count ūüôā

After quick search of the local resorts, we ended up choosing ‘Song of the Earth” (SOTE) as the resort of our choice, due to location and pricing. ¬†Most other resorts weren’t available due to short notice, and given that teams of most other IT companies are also chose to take day out on Friday. ¬† SOTE is about one hour from the HiTech city, and is of rustic appearance with just above average facilities and infrastructure. ¬† We chose a Lunch & HiTea option, as most folks wanted to return to the city by 5PM, before evening traffic gets picked up.

As a team, we spent about 6 hours at the resort, exploring few of the adventure options (as seen in below pics),  played cricket,  fusion football, dumb charades using Cigniti client logos as the theme, cycled around the resort, had a team lunch and started back to home by 4PM.  Team did manage to have little fun, ease out a little, and captured and made some good memories as we close the calendar year.  We managed to take some pics using 6D, S7, Hero 4, and also a aerial selfie using Phantom 4.


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