Chincholi, Ooty of Telangana

This morning, we took a drive to the Chincholi wildlife sanctuary area, which is about 2 hours from Hyderabad in the border region of Telangana State and Karnataka State. Apparently, this region is called as Ooty of Telangana. Name ‘Ooty of Telangana” is a misnomer, as the place is actually in the state of Karnataka

Thanks to awesome weather, the region looked extra awesome this morning. Loved the overcast weather, and passing clouds which are about to shower any moment. There are tons of small roads to drive amidst the fields of all types of plantations in the regions, which gives a feeling of a Konaseema.

We trekked to the bottom of the forest region which gave access to the backwaters of Chandrampally Dam and also stopped briefly at mini waterfalls in the Gottamgutta village.

The entire TS state is super green, and a great time for a weekend drive outside the town.

Gottamgotta is a small hamlet in Chincholi Taluk in Gulbarga District of Karnataka State. We had quite a time walking around and driving in the small lanes amidst the farms, and witnessing the village, and having a home-cooked lunch at a random stop. It felt as if we were quite far away from home. The place was serene and calm and reminded of a small town that I visited outside Dublin. We ran into a small waterfall (almost like a big vaagu), which is supposedly active during monsoon.

11 thoughts on “Chincholi, Ooty of Telangana

  1. Your blog was very interesting and I am also a travel enthusiast Always scouting for interesting places to explore.
    Is it possible to have your email or contact mobile number.
    Regards Vibha Jain


  2. “CHINCHOLI, OOTY OF TELANGANA”.. It’s not in Telengana. You post headline itself is wrong.

    As you rightly mentioned in your one paragraph, Chincholi Taluk in Gulbarga District of Karnataka State.

    Pls correct the headline like above.

    BTW i am from Gulbarga city working in Bangalore.


  3. Hi, sai Chintala Garu,
    Nice place to know, we are not aware, Thanks for the info. Keep rocking


  4. Dear Chintala
    Came across your blog while surfing for hotels ib hydrabad. I am travelling hydrabad from bangalore and planning to visit Ramoji park with my family.
    Could you please recommend good place to stay with medium budget.
    For sure now I will visit ooty of telangana.


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