Kongala Water Falls, Telangana

Trekked to Kongala Falls, which is about 2 hours from Warangal. It is about 10 min drive from Bogatha Falls and a 45-minute trek. There are no directions to get there. You would need to take help local kids (or anyone see out there) to know how to get there. It is truly hidden waterfall (or almost hidden, as we noticed some plastic litter in the area) and there is a good chance you would be on your own when you visit the place and giving you plenty of time to be in bliss.

The waterfall is called ‘V-fall’ by the locals. While the height of the fall is about 70 feet, the Loddimadugu Vagu (stream) fall merges into Kongala tank in the village. Since it’s the end of the monsoon, flow is little on the light side, yet it will make your trek worthwhile. It was quite an adventure to find the place. Here are the clip shot in slow-motion via OSMO Pocket gimbal at 9AM

Farmlands on the way to the Falls
The Trek
Folks who helped us find the Falls
with Venkat

Here are some clips that were clicked by Venkat Kotcheruvu

5 thoughts on “Kongala Water Falls, Telangana

  1. Hi sai garu.
    I have used one of urs waterfall photo as my thumbnail by giving credit in description. If u have any problem plz let me know.it will be removed right away.


  2. Hi sai,

    I have used one of your images for my overview by giving credit to the description. Please object if any obligation.


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