Kadiya Dhro, Mini Grand Canyon of Gujarat

Kadiya Dhro, often known as the Mini Grand Canyon of Bhuj, is located near a small village in the Kutch area of Gujarat.  In the latter half of 2021, the New York Times unveiled a list featuring 52 must-visit places in the world. Among the many places stood one with an unusual name–Kadiyo Dhro.   Since then, this place is surely attracting bloggers like myself, who are constantly on a hunt for unique experiences.

Its river and rock formations add to the immense beauty of the place and offer tons of photo opportunities. The rock formations–formed through ages of exposure to strong wind and river flow–seen at the location are referred to herders as “kotaro” in the local Kutchi language. An excellent place for trekking, the site is serene and soothing and is among the few places in the region still untouched by travel lovers.

Here are some cool pics and clips from our experience.


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