Konaseema, God’s Own Creation

We (colleagues from Innominds) spent 3-days in beautiful Konaseema and stayed in Sterling Palavelli resorts, located in Palavelli village, part of West Godavari region which is blessed with sprawling paddy fields, fertile soil, palm-fringed riverbanks, mangroves coconut groves, and more. I guess, hence Konaseema region is fondly called God’s own creation.

West Godavari is also home to a plethora of exotic flora & fauna. The rich soil here in this region is soaked by the waters of the Godavari, which is the second-largest River in India, hence extremely fertile.  The region now offers unique boat cruises, island hopping, paddy cultivation, rooster farms, jaggery making, and the list goes on, to make the visit very much worthwhile and fun

This is easily one of the most beautiful resorts that I have stayed to in recent times.  This is a  6-acre resort and is known to have been planted with 23 exotic species of flora, hence easily considered a lush biodiversity hotspot.   Every day, we woke up to colorful views of Amazonica lilies and thousand-petal lotuses floating in the central pond of the resort.  The resort is built in ‘Manduva Logili’ inspired by the Zamindari-styled courtyard.  Large sprawling bedrooms open out to a common courtyard and balconies offering spectacular views, and experience

We made good use of our time exploring the region, driving, walking, strolling, and exploring the flora and fauna. We also rented a boat to cruise around mangroves and witnessed the confluence of the Godavari and the Bay of Bengal. This place is surely perfect for reunions, weekend getaways, or even business meets or destination weddings. Yes, we all have pledged to come back here with our families, possibly in the winter season.

Boat Ride to the Confluence of Godavari and Bay of Bengal
View of the interiors
Amazing highway infrastructure enroute to Konaseema
Random lunch spot, just outside Eluru, enroute to Konaseema

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