Weekend Picnics at the Farms

I spent Friday evening at Venky Talla’s farm (yes, all ensuring safe distance) watching the IPL (though not a big fan of the game), enjoying the serene atmosphere amidst the farm, and savouring the delicacies whipped by Anita Talla. Original plan was to watch the Harvest Moon, however plans fails due to the deep cloud cover

The next morning, I woke up to the calls of Geese on the farm. Their main call, made by both males and females, is a nasal, one-syllable honk given at any hour of the day or night, at any time of year, in the air or on the ground. Venky says they have a very predictable routine, i.e., diligently walk in the line to the naturally formed pond on the farm, swim for some time, roam around the farm, honk for his attention to feed them. Today I followed them with OSMO and then took a bird’s view of their habitat

We captured some great visuals during the sunset first and early sunrise next morning. I also did a short picnic around Vikarabad area with Aniketh and Yukta this weekend

Short picnic around Vikarabad area with Aniketh and Yukta

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