Anusha & Chetan – Big Engagement and Musical Night

Anusha Chintala and Chetan Agarwal met at a Dental College in Belgaum about a decade ago in 2008 and studied together for 5 years. Later they continued studies in the Master program in New York and Boston for another 5 years. All along, they knew they are the soulmates for life, and announced to loved ones about 2 years ago.

They got engaged yesterday in a beautiful ceremony. Several pre-wedding events are in progress for the rest of the week. Anusha and Chetan are one of the most beautiful couples that I have seen in a long time, and it is clear from their interactions that they are destined together forever, and is a match made in heaven

Here are few impromptu glimpses from yesterday’s events.

Our kids grooving to ROWDY BABY and RAMULO RAMULAMA songs. They did pretty cool with just a week of preparation, and two of them with just one day prep.

Cutest Mardals of Khandaan crooning to “oo Bava” song serenading hottest Bava in town #anuchet

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