Around Providence & Cambridge

Last week, I spent couple of days around Providence, Rhode Island and Cambridge, MA to meet few clients. Here are few pics and video clips from the stay. In Providence, we stayed at Graduate Hotel, whose interiors looked pretty classy and their hotel key were pretty interesting.

India Point Park is located where the Seekonk River meets the harbor in Providence, Rhode Island. It gets its name from its rich maritime history that connected shipping from Providence to the East and West Indies. The area was the first port in Providence dating back to 1680, the property was converted to a public park in 1974.

The point features nice views of the harbor with the surrounding city landscape providing a nice backdrop.  This is one of the 5 spots recommended where Drones can be operated.  Madhav and I spent 10 minutes here this morning, before going to the client’s office.

I also spent a day in Cambridge, on business. I just had to walk a dozen steps, from the Hyatt Regency Hotel and cross the street, to capture this beautiful view across the Charles River. Awesome place for a stroll or bicycle ride or a kayaking anytime of the day. Took a one mile long walk with a colleague.

Capitol Hill, Providence, RI
Hyatt Regency
Morning Stroll across Charles River

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