Breakfast with Friends at B&B Farm

On the eve of Ram Telik (aka Bachha Tiger) visiting from Land of Berkshire Hathaway, Venky hosted few of us from JNTU Class of 1988, yesterday evening, at his lovely  GreenAcres Bed & Breakfast place for late night farm stay and morning breakfast. We were welcomed with nice drinks accompanied by  Mirch Bajji, Bagara Rice with Baingan Masala.  Post dinner, we strolled around the farm for midnight full moon walk,  and returned back at 1AM for garam chai.

This morning at Venky’s GreenAcres B&B Farm, we woke up to Fresh Dosa made from the farm dough which was grounded on traditional stone. It did bring back the memories from 1980s, when all our homes used to have one such stone grinder and where we all pitched our Moms in making the dough. I took the opportunity to build below 40-sec clip, though actual fine grinding took more than 40 minutes of work by resident Chef and Caretakers Laxman and Sobha.


JNTU Friends from Class of 1988

JNTU Friends from Class of 1988
7AM B&B Farm
Welcome Snack
Baingan (Egg Plant) Masala Curry
Bagara Rice and Baingan – Freshly Cooked for Dinner
Stone Ground Dosa Dough
Stone Ground Chutney
Stone Ground Chutney
7AM Breakfast


Morning Tea Time
Nice Outdoor Pool open to Sky and Farm View


Farm Animals


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