Aaahar Kuteer – Healthiest Dosa in Hyderabad

I have stumbled upon another food joint, where possibly healthiest Dosa (known as Millet Dosa) in our town is being served.  These days healthy often means expensive. However, this place does not burn hole in your pocket, despite satisfying your taste buds and making you feel full and satisfied.  After my unintentional promotion of Laxman Dosa via my blog, which might have increased obesity index of Hyderabad, I thought I should safeguard my karma balance by bringing your attention to, and promoting healthiest restaurant in town 🙂

This place was referred to me my Sairam (who was referred to it by Ramana Vemuri).  More details of our dining experience, our photos, and photos from Aaaha Kuteer portal are included in the blog. I have visited this place yesterday on the eve of Radhika’s (who is healthy food aficionado) birthday yesterday, who turned another year younger

Here is the full story using extract from their web page. Aahaar Kuteer founded with the vision of taking you back to the basics by bringing healthy food that is natural, nutritive & healthy. Their food items are an an amalgation of various Millet based cuisines, with traditional best practices incorporated from various parts of the world and created from the most natural and nutritious ingredients.  True to their motto, they serve Saatvik and Swadisht food for making their customers Santusht.

I happened to meet the owner Sri Ram and bantered briefly.  He said he was in IT for 10 years, and switched to pursue his passion in cuisine.  He said entire ingredients are organic, and mostly hand ground.  You can feel the texture when you savour their curries and chutneys.

Overall, we found Aahaar Kuteer is one of the best place in town which serves delicious food with healthy ingredients, while not proving expensive on your budget.  They claim to be the first millet based restaurant in town, established around Ugadhi this year.  They can be easily considered as one stop destination for all the food lovers, who are looking for authentic, traditional and ethnic food.

Food here is the integration of various Millet based cuisines. Their cuisine has products incorporated from the various traditions across the world, and make use of nutritious ingredients such as Jawar, Ragi, Bajra, etc.

Why Millets?

Millets are the best food grain collection, which are highly rich in proteins, fiber, minerals and other forms of vitamins and minerals. These are the traditional grains which are now less used in our daily diet. This is mainly because of not knowing the prominence and nutritional values of this grains. The usage of millets regularly can help us growing healthy avoiding all the health problems caused due lacking of vital proteins, vitamins, nutrients, fiber and other important food components.

While talking to Sri Ram, I have found that this place is frequented by loyal customer, who are bringing visitors from around the world. He said he has native visitors from Australia, UK, and more. During our first visit, we ordered ROTI THALI which comes with 3 curries, one dessert, 2 millet based Rotis, Ragi sangati.  Price is INR 80.  We then ordered Millet Dosa. My younger one gulped it without complaining.  Dosa size was quite big, and served with Peanut chutney (very creamy) and Pudina (mint) chutney.  There was no trace of oil in the dosa.   When pointed that, Sriram said they use very little or no oil at all.  They use 1 kg of ghee for every few hundred folks they serve.   It costed us INR 200 for overall meal for me, Radhika, and Aniketh

Here are the few snaps from my Samsung, combined with snaps from Aahar kuteer’s web page and facebook page.  They are located in Shyamlal Building area, 5 minutes from Life Style (White House building).  Be sure to visit them and eat guilt free Dosa.

Most importantly, this restaurant is run by Arpan Trust, a NGO that does work for the Blind.  So you not only  satisfy your taste buds without compromising your health but also contribute to a noble cause as proceeds of this restaurant contribute to running the NGO.  Another indirect way of getting positive credit into your karma account 🙂

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  1. Address: No : 1-11-111/6, Shamlal Buildings Road, Street No : 6, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016, Andhra Pradesh.
    Mobile No : +91 – 9177744998 or +91 – 9948103468
    Phone No : 040 – 27769696


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