Anandam Dosa – So simple, yet So Tasty

“Anandam Dosa” is another Dosa place in town, where Chintala clan and friends have been frequenting for decades. I think this place got its name because of the name of the owner. Their menu is very simple.  It is just one type of Dosa.  Earlier, Mr. Anandam used to prepare and serve Dosa to all the patrons.  There is no price sheet, no menu, and there is no name board.  Obviously, there is no FB page or a webpage.  Entire business comes from loyal customers, residents nearby, and referral business from folks like me.

I have been visiting this place for 10 years now, and my brothers and friends have been frequenting this place for few decades.  I used to refer Mr. Anandam as Dosa Nazi (inspired by Soup Nazi of NewYork city featured in Seinfeld sitcom), as Mr. Anandam gets angry rather quickly.  He rarely indulged in any discussion or banter with the patrons.  There is an undocumented process which lists dozen things that you are not supposed to do, to avoid annoying him

You are not supposed to ask what’s on the menu (why would you, when there is only one item), how long is the wait, and ask his opinion about events going on today.  He does not reply or look at you, other than serving you Dosa.  My younger brother, whose quart of his DNA now makes up Anandam Dosa, hilariously explains Anandam Dosa protocol. I usually take all my NRI friends to this place, with my brother explaining them how to behave. I would explain to them, this place as one of the Top 5 places to visit in Hyderabad

Now his Anandam’s son, Ramesh, runs the place.  He is also mostly busy preparing and serving Dosa’s but talks to you, only when it’s time to serve you.  Dosa is served from 8AM to Noon, and snacks like Pungulu are served in the evening.  Dosa preparation style is very simple, as you can see from the video. Dosa batter is poured on the hot pan, flipped once, splatted with 1 spoon of semi liquid upma, then gently spread, followed by one spoon of besan (made with chickpea flour).  Nothing else.

Dosa is served to the patrons on a dry leaf supported by a used newspaper sheet (both of which do not appear very clean).   One can easily consume 5 counts of Dosa without feeling guilty.  I think cost of Dosa is now INR 10.  They do have BYOB concept, which is BRING YOUR OWN BUTTER.  Ramesh will apply the butter on the Dosa, if you get it from the kirana store next door.

We, (loyal patrons of this place) feel part of soul is incomplete if we don’t visit this place at least once a month.  This is adda for my high school friends to meet on Sunday morning, followed by a tea at near by Irani café.

Disclaimer: This place is not family friendly, and those who are hygiene freak can better avoid this place.   You can order Dosa for take out, but the best taste can be experienced only when you eat at the site.   If you are interested in joining me next time, you know how to reach me

Ramesh gave me unprecedented access and permission to record the process of making Anandam dosa.  This has never tried in the history of this joint 🙂

Updated on Dec 30, 2017





IMG-20130714-WA0003 IMG-20130714-WA0000

3 thoughts on “Anandam Dosa – So simple, yet So Tasty

  1. hmm… yummy dosa… Sai you never told me about this place… Probably I should cover it in my next trip. I like the way you described. Did anyone got banned like George Costanza – No Dosa for you , next 🙂


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