Sankranthi @ Farm House

I had met Ram Babu (Raj Gopal) when I bumped into him at Aahaar Kuteer, which promotes healthy cuisines in Hyderabad. Since then he has been associated with Radhika and AOL team, and my other friends who promote organic farming. I had gotten an invite from Ram Babu to attend Sankranthi Utsav at west side farms located outskirts of Hyderabad. Coincidentally this is the same farm house, where our team had celebrated year end outing.

sankranthi1 (1).jpg

Here is the 5 minute video, and few pictures that documents what I and few of my friends have experienced in few hours that I spent at the farm house, which includes good company, reboot of cultural festivities associated with Sankranthi festival (which you can only experience if you go back to your roots, and travel way outside Hyderabad) and good snacks & food.


Revanth Chintala
Anita, Tanya, Venky, Maanav
Bommala Koluvu
Burra Katha
Snakes & Ladders Game
Prasad Gundu Family

IMG_8114 IMG_8095 IMG_8087 IMG_8072 IMG_8064 IMG_8053 IMG_8033 IMG_8012 IMG_8011 IMG_8004 IMG_7999 IMG_7992 IMG_7979 IMG_7978 IMG_7947 IMG_7941 IMG_7937 IMG_7935 IMG_7917 IMG_7915

Farm House Location is provided below, since so many were asking about it.  One can contact Mr Nagababu on 9989000027 for rental details

image002 image003

4 thoughts on “Sankranthi @ Farm House

  1. Excellent pictures, nicely presented. Thanks Sai for sharing. I’ll share with my kids. they have not seen these kind of festival.


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