Sweet talk with Sivani

I was fortunate to meet my buddy “LN” from my college days, who disappeared from my radar (but enjoying life with his beautiful family) in Atlanta few week ago,  where I was on a business trip.   LN picked me up from ATL airport though it was a long drive, and took me to his home.   His parents were also there with him.  I was lucky to visit him that evening, as it was Ganesh Chaturdhi festival.  I was pleasantly surprised by elaborate decoration and setup of pooja mandir (where entire room was converted into permanent temple). So, there was no need for me to visit a temple in town. I was treated with array of speciality dishes (Andhra style) cooked by his wife Sunitha and his mom

But my special attraction was his daughter ‘Sivani’.  I was quite enamored by her sweet talk and cute expressions.  She is a chatter box.  She bantered with me the moment I walked into her house and did not leave until her bed time.

I took few minutes of video so that you all can enjoy her sweet talk (Siva shloka, super cute rendition of Ganesha story and famous moon curse, and Narayana mantram).

Here is the link to the video of my rendezvous with Sivani

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