I was at a friends place in Irving last  weekend. My friend moved to US three years ago along with his 2 daughters and a son. I have met them in Keane, Maine last time. I have met them again last weekend. I knew their daughters to be quite chirpy and talkative. It took 10 minutes for me to engage with them this time. After 10 minutes, they have learned my name. Elder daughter said with surprise, “You are SaiChintala uncle?”. I said, “Yes, I am the famous SaiChintala uncle”.  Now that there is a website on my name, “SaiChintala” will now become a brand too 🙂

From then, it was quite fun to interact with the two girls. Knowing that they will have cute American accent, I have asked them to sing some songs. They did an awesome job of singing western choir and famous song from Telugu classic “Bhakta Prahlada”. Check out the few minutes clip of my interaction with them, and you will be impressed too. Their parents doing an awesome job of balancing their interest in both the cultures

One Comment on “Beautiful Western & Eastern Ballad by Shreya and Srikruti

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