Devil’s Bridge Trail, Sedona

Devil’s Bridge is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona, Arizona as it is relatively easier compared to other hikes, and gives some cool views of red rock canyons. 4-mile trek ends with a beautiful yet precariously positioned sand stone arch. Adventurous part of the trek is to stand in the middle of the arch, and pose for the photos, if you are not acrophobic.

We started the trek around 8AM, and the temperature was 1 degree Centigrade. This is a rate first family trek for us, specially at such a location and amidst almost zero C weather. 80% of the trail was pretty flat, but last 20% was intense, and last 5% was 70 degree hike and was pretty intensive, which makes you almost give up.

Radhika says trail name is negative, and said we should change it to Angel’s bridge . It was not easy to get kids motivated to wake up at 6AM for this, but they were glad that they made it to the trek.

Aniketh after getting used to Purdue weather, he posed for the pics with his light t-shirt and without any winter protection 🙂

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