Celestial Wedding – Sita Rama Kalyanam

Suresh Kumar and Sharadha Chintala from our family represented Bride ‘Sita” in today’s Sita Rama Kalyanam event at my old neighborhood “Krishna Nagar Colony”, where I spent first 20 years of my life.

It was a lot of fun to be back in the neighborhood and meeting up with friends and neighbors from childhood. Krishna Nagar Colony is famous for conducting the celestial wedding in a legendary manner.

The entire resident of the colony came together as one big family (as you can easily guess from the pics, dress code, etc) to conduct the event. Here are a few clicks from my 6D. Formal pics are yet to come out.

Due to a business conflict, I had to rush out before the completion of the event. But I truly enjoyed the part I spent there.

Here is the video clip from the Sita Rama Kalyanam event that I had attended yesterday at my old neighborhood. These are informal clips that I could capture during my partial participation. It indeed was an ‘ONE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING’  and really cool one indeed🙂.  Check out the video below.

One of the residents of my old neighborhood said to me, “Sai, I am really jealous of you.  How do you get time to do so many different things”?  I could not fully answer that person question, as I was rushing out.   Since this is frequently asked question, by many folks, I thought I will answer it again in this blog 🙂

Here is my answer. “I don’t know. I have mastered the art of parallel processing. I also seem to have plenty of time on my weekends to do something I am very passionate about. I get more free time than others because I haven’t watched TV for decades. I do not watch any kind of sports.  I do not really read newspapers. Though I post stuff on FB, I rarely consume stuff on FB.   Also, lots of thanks go to my family.

Radhika and my kids are self-reliant and self-dependent and pursue what they are passionate about, encouraging me to do what I am passionate about while we all exploring lots of common stuff together”.    Again answer could be as simple as, “If you are passionate about something, you would automatically make time for it”. I am passionate about exploring and documenting good things in life.

Here are the collection of my pics:


Wedding Invitation Card

Divine Statues


Lord Hanuman
Lord Sri Ram
Bride Dressed up


Getting Ready

A hero, according to Western culture, is one who kills hundreds of people in a war. Then he is awarded the highest order or award or medal of the country. But the Hindu concept of a hero is very different. In India, one holy man was called Maha Veer, i.e. Great hero. He is Maruti or Hanuman. Many others including Lord Rama, Arjuna also bear this title. The word Hero in English came from the Sanskrit word Vira (Veera). There is popular Sanskrit couplet about Lord Rama which describes the five ‘heroic’ qualities of Rama.

He is-

Tyagavira = famous for his sacrifice

Dayavira = famous for his compassion

Vidyavira = famous for his wisdom

Parakramavira = famous for his valor

Dharmavira = famous for his righteousness

By performing the celestial wedding of Shree Rama, let’s wish to imbibe these qualities in us and transform into a better human being!

One thought on “Celestial Wedding – Sita Rama Kalyanam

  1. Fantastic.. Jai Sriram!!!
    Sai, you are amazing, you find time to do every thing in spite of your hectic work schedule and job that requires you to travel all over the world. I sincerely admire your passion to celebrate every milestone (small/big). I definitely need some class from you!! I will call you some time soon. Krishnan.


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