“Big Family” Fun

We hosted our extended family today at our home, with Guru Pooja, Satsang, and big family dinner. Both kids and adults had gala time, and we ended the late night with dumb charades in family style with both genders competing really hard (almost like you see in movies). Below 60 sec clip, and blog would give you a sneak peak on why big family is beautiful.

Myself, and most of the folks you see in the clips had stayed together as a joint family in a single house for few decades. Though now we are not staying together (as our kids have grew big), but strong foundation set by Dad is still compelling us to meet often as a big family. This is one of the reasons, all the adults in the family resonate really well with the recent movie ‘Brahmotsavam’.

My folks also threw us a surprise and got me and Radhika to reminisce events from the weddings from our wedding , as our anniversary is due shortly. Since my sister, my parents, and Radhika’s parents wedding anniversaries are also due in next 10 days, Radhika got the wedding anniversary cake cut by all the 4 couples.

See it all here.



Big Family on Selfie Timer
Aniketh (2.2), Akshya (3.3), and Sharan (3.2)
Aniketh, Sharan, Phani, Rohit, Ashwini, Padma, Sharada


Girls of the family


Chintala Kids – Only Manikanta is missing
Boyz in the family
Daughters in Law (Radhika, Sharada, Vadina, and Ashwini), and Sister (Padma)
Guru Pooja and Satsang

Suresh got us about 30 movies tickets for Friday evening at Hyderabad’s biggest screen, IMAX @ PrasadZ. We entered the big screen with quite bit of low expectations. Yes, most of the reviews were fairly true that movie disjointed screen play has seriously ruined what could have been a great plot. However, most of the adults in the family appreciated the intent and underlying theme of the movie. Grandeur and richness presented on the screen, and technical values were pretty cool. Kids were not so forgiving on the movie, which you can see from the below video smile emoticon.

We all went to dinner @ WaterFront and enjoyed mega dinner while being serenaded one of the best views of Tank Bund in Hyderabad. Overall, we were still glad that movie gave us a reason to meet once again as a family. It’s not so easy for the entire gang to agree to meet for a specific movie on a specific date at a specific theatre.

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