Visiting Cambridge

Today I happened to visit Cambridge town to meet a customer, and stopped at historic university of Cambridge on the way back to rail station.  We asked our cabbie drop us in the campus.  Wiki says, Sir Isaac Newton, spent the majority of his life at the university and conducted many of his now famous experiments within the grounds of Trinity College we walked around today. One of the most important mathematicians of the last half-century; William Oughtred, the inventor of the logarithmic scale; John Wallis, the inventor of modern calculus;

Our own, Srinivasa Ramanujan, the self-taught genius who made incomparable contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractionsJames Clerk Maxwell, who is considered to have brought about the second great unification of Physics with his classical electromagnetic theory have also spent time in this campus.  It is an awe-inspiring campus even as a tourist.  We took 45-minute boat ride in the campus and got an holistic view of the college.  As usual I stopped at souvenir shop to get a collectible and tie.

I have heard and read about Cambridge University, as a kid so many times, when reading about some of the legends, so was more than happy to have spent 2 hours in the campus.   BTW, Charles Darwin, famous for developing the theory of natural selection, was an alumnus of Christ’s College, though his education at the university was intended to allow him to become a clergyman.  Listed of the folks that you idolize who have studied here endless, and you can check out complete list on wiki page of this campus. The university can be also considered as the birthplace of the computer; with mathematician Charles Babbage having designed the world’s first computing system as early as the mid-1800s, per Wiki

Cambridge is said to be the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s third-oldest surviving university and seems to one of the riches too, with an endowment of £4.9 billion, the largest of any university outside the United States, and has 90 Nobel laureates have been affiliated with it

BTW, we did see much talked about, newton apple tree.  It looked so young, and the guard said, it is great great descendant of original apple tree.  Original apple tree was at Newton’s home, and this was planted from seeds from that tree 🙂

Here is awesome 4 minute video of our 45 minute tour of campus on the boat

20140714_155017 20140714_154513 20140714_150201 20140714_145408

20140714_155017 20140714_154513 20140714_145310 20140714_155414 20140714_153810

20140714_150614 20140714_150234Newton Apple Tree

Great Great Descendent of Newton’s Apple Tree


Panoramic view: Source (Wiki)
Panoramic view: Source (Wiki)

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