Watching FIFA 2014

For the sake all of football fans out there I have watched part of FIFA 2014 final game, as I know everyone is going to be talking about it next day or two online and offline. I have arrived in London yesterday noon.  Previous day I was in Dallas, and a day before in Toronto. When I wake up in the morning, it takes about a second (if not more) to figure out where exactly am I today.  It is getting little more harder each day I grow young.  Yesterday, I have planned to watch FIFA along with Ravi and Shiva at one of the pubs around Fulham Broadway in Southwest London.  Ravi suggested some happening pub in that area. It took a long walk, ride on the tube, then on the bus, and then again walk to get to the pub, which I captured on GoPro & S4, which are my default accessories now.  However, pub, which has about 800 seating capacity, was fully occupied and there was a long queue. We walked around and found another pub, but there was no place to sit. We watched for 30 minutes, and decided to find a Thai place (which is my default choice of cuisine when on the road) and do some parallel processing.  Thai guy said they do not have license for TV.

Then we, went to a Mexican joint (which also did not have license for TV) and camped there and digged some good for 30 minutes, while Shiva tried his best to stream game on his iPhone which had 2% battery left, using my Samsung as the hotspot, using Ravi’s cable id.  But he failed at all attempts.  We went back to the pub to see last 20 minutes of the game, and got to see Super Mario kicking an awesome goal which is obviously being considered as goal of the highest class and world cup worthy.   It is no brainer that our pub had more German fans.  There were few Argentina fans that were visibly upset, but expressed it in ‘sulking’ mode, given the number of German fans out there in the pub.   Contrary to what I expected, there wasn’t a wild cheering on the roads and the pubs.  However, I did see some young crowd cheering big time on my return ride on the tube.  Today I was at Cambridge college town, and compiled this footage while returning home on the National rail.

Here is the video with FIFA sound track.

Two Amigos : Shiva & Ravi


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