Around Auckland on a Bus

I had reached Auckland at 2AM after a travel related snafu/adventure, and woke-up late in the morning. I walked out of my hotel which was in Auckland CB post noon, and saw double decker (which reminded me of my childhood days in HYD) hop-on/hop-off explorer bus right off the street. I boarded the bus, via instant ticket purchase, and went to the upper deck. I just relaxed on the bus, as the bus meandered around various parts of Auckland , and got serenaded by pleasant visuals on a quiet Sunday.

I took my Samsung S7 Edge (no, not the one, which explodes) and shot part of video clip using hyperlapse option from the upper deck of the double decker bus. You might like what you see in the clip. I got off the bus at Mount Eden, and took a steep walk-up to see expansive view of Auckland City.  Few days later, thanks to recommendation by a Friend, I took a long evening walk on Mission Bay Point (which reminded me of Tankbund walk) and captured few more visuals.

View from Mt. Eden
View from Mt. Eden
Selfie with a crater
Selfie with a crater
One of the many views from City Bus
One of the many views from City Bus
Volcanic Crater
was not planning to enter anyway


with Auckland Skyline as backdrop
Mission Bay Point
with Auckland Skyline as backdrop
Place looked lot better LIVE
Mission Bay Point
Walking across Mission Bay Point


Skyline from Mission Bay Point

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