Experiencing Incredible India @ MCG

We started the day with “Brekkie” (Australian Breakfast) at Pillars Of Salt in CBD of Melbourne in a relaxing environment.   After that I, Krishna, Dries, Hari, Srikanth, and Sriram, took a long walk across Yarra trail to MCG, while taking few snaps on the way.  We would not have known about this trail, if Dries weren’t with us

We entered the grand MCG stadium around 2PM, and it took an hour to see the entire stadium occupied.  We were quite happy with the views that we received from our seats.  But I realized that most seats in MCG gets solid view and similar experience. Sounds quality of audio system in the stadium wasn’t that great though

So many of friends would die for to get to MCG, and specially to watch a key India match.  However, I walked into the stadium without much effort and expense, thanks to being there at the right time.   It was not easy to spend 10 hours in the stadium, given that I am not Cricket afficianado.  I rarely watched any cricket games in last 30 years, and mostly watched last few ‘overs’ of key final matches.  Since I had a Camera and GoPro on my hand, I was busy experimenting various shots of MCG stadium and the fans in action

However, I am glad that I witnessed key game, for the sake of my country and fellow country men.  It indeed was an incredible experience to witness the games amidst 100,000 cricket fans and fanatics.  It was extra fun,  because India won the match against the odds that were in place, prior the match.

It took another long walk of 45 minutes to get back to the hotel around Midnight. I had an early flight to SYDNEY, which required me to wake up at 3:30AM.  So, I chose to catch up with my emails, and compiled the photos and  below videos for the blog.

National anthem recital @ MCG during IND vs SA game on Sunday. Obviously, I never witnessed such a large recital before, so took a glimpse of it on 6D.


IMG_0083 IMG_0090 IMG_0168 IMG_0171 IMG_9770 IMG_9798 IMG_9803 IMG_9811 IMG_9815 IMG_9825 IMG_9837 IMG_9867 IMG_9873 IMG_9884 IMG_9887 IMG_9889 IMG_9904 IMG_9907 IMG_9909 IMG_9911 IMG_9917 IMG_9929 IMG_9943 IMG_9952 IMG_9960 IMG_9963 IMG_9964 IMG_9994

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