Women’s Day @ Cigniti

Women at Cigniti account for more than 49% of the workforce. So, it is not surprising that roses, purple ribbons, captions, greetings, paintings and wishes adorned Cigniti on the occasion of International Women’s Day. All women dressed in purple and the men counterparts joined the celebration wearing purple ribbons. Haasini’s song, Ahmed’s paintings, Ram’s poetry were special gifts to all women at Cigniti. A panel discussion on “Unleash potential to overcome barriers, internal and external” by the management team was conducted to discuss the ecosystem that can empower and encourage women to challenge the status quo.

Sriram, President Strategy, assured a culture of fairness and equal opportunity, development opportunities and support. Sai Chintala, Head of ESG shared experiences and example of how women in his team contributed significantly and added value. Raghuram Kroviddy, Head of Delivery, asserted on the fact that men are equally family oriented and strives for work life balance. Raghu also emphasized on the importance of prioritization and spending quality time over the quantity of it. Sandhya Nagraj, Principal Consultant presented her perspective around ‘Are we, women, creating our own glass ceiling?’

Sravanti said, “For me, moderating the interaction of the leadership in the panel and the audience was a great celebration within itself. I feel I made the right choice joining this amazing organization which believes and encourages growth and development”

Below video provides few glimpses from the event:

As you can see from the above, it was an awesome Women’s day celebration @ Cigniti with young Haasini’s song as an icing on the cake. Context and relevance of lyrics of Telugu folks song couldn’t have been more apt. While it talks of the work opportunities, comparable pay  (“there are opportunities here and there, one king pays better than the other….”), the poet also consciously mentions of the multi-tasking, a woman does (“make it fast, the kids need to be fed”).

Above all, it is motivating and driving the woman to take the initiative and join the progressive action – a sign of true inclusiveness that prevailed in the folklores/ folk art of rural India. Young Haasini’s song promoting inclusivity, togetherness, and aspiration was a precious gift to all Cignitians. The little princess with her melodious message touched the hearts of all.

Photos/Video Contribution: Harika, Jagadeeshwari, etc
Write-up Contribution:  Sravanti Chekragari

Video from last year

IMG_0617 IMG_0613 IMG_0598
IMG_0577 IMG_0564 IMG_0546 IMG_0542 IMG_0540 IMG_0526 IMG_0515 IMG_0510 IMG_0505 IMG_0502 IMG_0449 IMG_0447 IMAG1653

Haasini’s reaction watching her recital video on my laptop
Haasini’s reaction watching her recital video on my laptop



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