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My Mission:  In the pursuit of memorable and meaningful Life.

Only quote you need this life :  Be good, for your own good

Why Blogging  ?  About 5 years ago, I was complaining to Radhika that I have still got time on my hand (despite busy schedule at AppLabs, as I do not watch TV) and that I need a hobby. She had suggested me to write a blog. Finally, I was able to start blogging some time in year 2012 (a week before I jointed Cigniti), and have started becoming active in 2013.  Now, I blog once a week, every weekend.

What is this blog about ? My blog is pretty much about ‘nothing‘ or pretty much about ‘everything‘ out there too.  I often write about food, family, fun, movies, adventure, travel, photography, spirituality, happiness, and anything that compels me to write or document something interesting out there, once in a weekend.  I am constantly searching for opportunities for some events to celebrate all the time.  I try to process my videos and images within 24 hours of any event.  That is my own personal SLA.  Some may call it as as good OCD to have

How do I get time ?    I mostly blog on the weekends or when I am on the road / air / water (which is quite often last several years).  I also find plenty of free time on hand, as we pulled cable TV connection for about 12 years.  I also do not watch NFL, NBA, NCAA, ICC, Wimbledon, all forms of cricket / other sports events, except if it’s a final game, and most talked event on the planet (like I watched India play SA at MCG in Melbourne).  I also stopped reading newspapers.  I login to social media to post something, but spend time on consuming stuff on social media.  My kids are getting older and are in “leave me alone” phase and are self sufficient.  Also, most of the domestic stuff in India can be outsourced.  So, I do not see many reasons for not getting enough time to do

Is life fair and perfect with me ?  Some folks say to me, “Sai, I am so jealous of you. You have so much time, and your life seems to be picture perfect“. I do have the similar challenges that you might be dealing in your life too. Life is not fair and perfect to anyone.  I am only doing best to make a lemonade, whenever life gives me a lemon.  I take life, one event at a time in my personal life, and one e-mail at a time when I am work.  Yes, I deal with similar ‘crap’ you are dealing with too :-).  I am blessed to have support of friends and family like yourself.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Do note that all the opinions expressed on this site, are directly or indirectly, are of my own, and do not represent that of my employers (past, current, and future).   If you see any copyrighted stuff, please note that it belongs to the respective owners.  I have borrowed them (mostly) for some of my video footage, just for pure fun. Nothing more than that.

Request: I really do not know, who actually stumbles upon my blog, unless they leave a comment.  So, do leave one, if you liked  (or did not like) something  you saw on this blog. If you are too busy to leave a comment, just hit the “LIKE” button or “follow” button (if you want an email alert, whenever I post a new blog)

How can you reach me?




Ugadhi 2017


Top of Bhongir Fort


Recently in Dallas


Recently in Dallas


Sankranti in our office


Gandikota Canyon

Not really on top of the world :-)

On the top of Booroomba Rocks outside Canberra, Australia

Me with Mac

No, not checking mails


At Pangong Lake, Leh


Silhouette Captured by Udit


Lake Tso Moriri

@ Charminar during 2015 Ramzan

@ Charminar during 2015 Ramzan


@ Golconda Fort


During Cigniti annual meet in Hyderabad

#BleedBlue @ Bayon Temple in Cambodia

#BleedBlue @ Bayon Temple in Cambodia


With Radhika, Revanth, and Aniketh at our home.. during Dasara 2014


During our team outing at Farm House in Hyderabad

Scenic Bay, me with GoPro

Scenic Bay @ Wellington, NZ


Penguin Island in Australia


@ 12 Apostles, Melbourne


Sky Diving along with Revanth near Great Barrier

Sky Diving along with Revanth near Great Barrier in 2014

Preparing for Skydive in Portalnd, Oregon in 2012

Preparing for Skydive in Portalnd, Oregon in 2012

Skydive in 2012 in Portland, Oregon

Skydive in 2012 in Portland, Oregon

Edgewalk @ CN Tower, Toronto - Summer of 2013

Edgewalk @ CN Tower, Toronto – Summer of 2013


@ Cigniti Strategy meeting in Dallas

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