JNTU Family Meetup @ GreenAcres Farm

This weekend, we had a JNTU meetup at Venky Talla’s Hyderabad GreenAcres Farm, on the eve of Shiv, Sangeeta, and their kids’ arrival in town from London. This time, we had our spouses and kids join the event. Many of our kids have never stepped foot on this type of farm and are not aware of village life and activities.

So, parents have created an event with a Balagam theme (inspired by a recent Tollywood hit movie) and got everyone to participate in the village activities such as a sunrise walk with farm livestock, cutting and collecting the fresh hay (we termed it “salad for cows”), brushing with Neem twigs, feeding farm animals, preparing the flour/ravva for breakfast for Idli and more, churning the curd for butter for Idli, peeling coconut for chutney, and having family breakfast amidst the orchards.

All of us got to play the traditional games: going for a sunset walk with farm livestock, stargazing from the rooftop, walking under the moon, and having a farm dinner with ingredients most of which are grown on the farm. The guys got to make their own themed cocktails, too.

About Hyderabad GreenAcress

Hyderabad GreenAcres is an organic farm that helps people see a natural farm in action that produces food without the use of any chemicals. It also helps urbanites connect with nature. It has a beautiful decagonal-shaped farmhouse with a central courtyard on the farm that transports one to a different world. Also, the rustic wilderness provides a good outdoor camping site. The farm is an attempt at simple and Sustainable Living in a natural setting and explores ways to tread more lightly on the planet. It gives us an opportunity to observe nature, introspect and reflect upon our role in this natural world.

Here are a few visuals from our events:

One thought on “JNTU Family Meetup @ GreenAcres Farm

  1. Hi Sai,

    Good to see get together in Green Acres and video coverage with Song background Excelllent. Hope you all had a great time.

    keep positing this type of blog.



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