2023 Summer Mango Pickle

A few decades ago, when we were kids, the process of making raw mango pickles used to be a week-long event, as our parents used to make all the ingredients of the pickle from the scratch, including making raw chili powder.  Also, varieties of pickles used to be about dozen. And the process used to involve the entire family, extended family, and often a collaborative partnership next door neighbors too.  All of us four brothers and sisters were also involved in the process of peeling garlic and ginger and removing seeds from mangoes.

Yesterday morning, my father-in-law got a bag of mangoes that were plucked from a decade-old mango tree in his backyard.   Radhika used them to make the Mango Pickle for 2023.  I happened to be at home this week, so got to bring you the visual from the Making of Great Indian Mango Pickle 🙂

Here is the approx. recipe for 6KG of Mangoes:

  • Slice the mangoes along with the shell. Remove the seeds post-slicing process
  • Make 1kg Ginger and 1kg Garlic Paste. Mix the both together as a single paste
  • 1 KG Red Chilli Powder
  • 2 KG Salt (Yes, it’s a lot of salt)
  • 2 Ltrs.  cold pressed oil – Sesame or Peanut
  • 25 gms Turmeric Powder
  • 25 gms Methi + Jeera Powder ( 1: 1.5 ratio).  Roast them and ground them into fine powder
  • 50 gms. raw mustard powder
  • 25 gms.  Chilli seeds

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