Ugadi Reunion at the Green Acres Farm

We spent this weekend at Green Acres Farm along with the buddies from the JNTU classes of 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991. It was kind of a mini-reunion, as half of the folks came from the USA, and an early Ugadi 2023 celebration too. Venky, Anita, and Tanya were awesome hosts and serenaded with delicacies, many of which were cooked using products sourced from the farm itself. Truly a FARM to FORK experience  

It also coincided with Green Acres celebrating 20 years since Venky Talla began his journey of organic farming and sustainable living. Unexpected showers did make the stay and experience extra charming and fun, as you can see from the photos and videos

About Green Acres:

The farmstay at Green Acres is a unique experience in a decagonal-shaped manduva house. The farmhouse consists of five guest bedrooms. It has 2 twin bedrooms and 3 queen bedrooms. All bedrooms are very spacious and have additional beds to accommodate three adults or a family of four comfortably. It’s ideal for a group of 15-20 people to have a comfortable stay. The experience is one of a kind. Amidst a functional natural farm, the farmhouse provides a resort-style retreat with a village vibe. The guests have access to most of the 10+ acres of natural farmland. This includes the polycultured fruit orchard, the wooded area, the paddy fields, the vegetable patch, the cow enclosure, the chicken coop, the bio-gas plant, rainwater harvesting structures, solar panel installation, the basket/volleyball court, and the tree house play area.


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