Konark Marine Drive Road

Konark Marine Drive is a scenic road that runs along the Bay of Bengal in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. The road stretches for about 30 kilometers and offers breathtaking views of the sea, the sandy beaches, and the surrounding hills. The drive is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the country. Along the way, there are several viewpoints, picnic spots, and beaches where visitors can stop and take in the stunning views. Some of the popular beaches along the drive include Ramchandi Beach, Chandrabhaga Beach, and Konark Beach.

One of the main attractions along the Konark Marine Drive is the Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates to the 13th century. It is also known to be a great place to spot wildlife, such as dolphins and sea turtles, and to go on boat rides or water sports activities.

We camped here overnight at Lotus Eco Resort, which is a luxury eco-friendly resort located on Marine Drive. The resort is situated on a sprawling 25-acre property surrounded by lush greenery and features a wide range of facilities and activities for guests to enjoy.

Accommodation options at Lotus Eco Resort include luxurious cottages and villas, all of which are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. We really loved the beach-side dining area for evening dinner.

Konark Lotus Eco Resort

Konark Lotus Eco Resort

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