Weekend @ Purdue University

I had the fortune of spending a weekend with Aniketh Chintala at the awe-inspiring Purdue Campus.  I had a great time hanging out with Aniketh Chintala and his roomies.  Loved to host them for Lunch at both a Mexican and Desi joint on the campus and took them for a drive to nearby Wetlands.  Apparently, they never got out of the campus in 3 years, other than for groceries.

It was indeed a great feeling to stroll around the campus and run into a huge billboard of Sirisha Bandla, a young Astronaut from Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) adorning the Neil Armstrong College of Engineering Building.   Do check out the pics in the gallery 🙂

with Pranav and Sakesh
Sirisha Bandla
Neil Armstrong College of Engineering
Purdue Gym – The largest one I have seen ever

Lunch @ Nom Nom

Walk around Celry Bog, and Lunch @ Dakshin @ Purdue

West Lafayette City Hall

Celery Bog Nature Park is a tranquil spot for wildlife and people alike. You’ll find some unusual plants and the opportunity to view nearly 120 different species of birds. Rabbits, coyotes, opossums, and other small mammals dwell there, as well as many amphibious creatures-all attracted to its rich and unique wetland habitat. (info from their website)

Wet Lands Outside, Purdue
Just outside Purdue Campus, amidst Corn Fields

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