Innominds @ Hyderabad Marathon

The Hyderabad Marathon is the flagship event of Hyderabad Runners Society and is a signature event of Hyderabad City. It is usually held on the last Sunday of August every year. It started in 2011 with an aim to spread awareness about running, and active lifestyles and to bring the city together for one cause. This year, over 150 folks Innominds participated in the two-day event, with significant participation and support from the entire leadership team. Here are a few glimpses from the first-day event.

The Hyderabad Marathon has grown from being a small event with 1,250 participants in 2011 to being the country’s 2nd largest event (in terms of participation). I am told, it is now counted among India’s most popular marathons; it has had more than 27,000 participants in 2019. There has been a 25% growth in participants Year-on-Year.

Hyderabad as a city is known for its history, culture, and world-famous Biryani and pearls. Good to see that, with a number of people taking to fitness activities for an active lifestyle, the sporting infrastructure around the city, and with a growing crop of athletes across multiple sports, the city is fast emerging as one of the leading cities in India in terms of sporting culture.

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