All Hands Meeting @ Innominds

It was a very busy and exciting week at Innominds, with a series of events conducted to recognize and reward top talent as part of the Quarterly R&R event, acknowledge and appreciate the folks who are with us for a long journey (5-year milestone and 10-year milestone). We also recognized and rewarded folks who are with us for 15-years or more, with a special ceremony amidst their family, including spouses and children.

In the times where the industry is concerned about “The Great Attrition”, it’s endearing to see over 200 folks being rewarded and recognized for their long-term stint @ Innominds during yesterday’s R&R event at our Waverock campus. We had over 250 in-person participants, and several 100s joined remotely. A big THANK YOU to all the veterans of Innominds, and their families for supporting them during their long stint with us. It was so good to see many of our colleagues returning to our Waverock campus in Hyderabad

Innominds CEO Divakar Tantravahi conducted the All Hands Meet-up at our Waverock Campus in Hyderabad. We had about 500 folks attend in person and another 500 joined us online. It was so good to see so many folks together once again in the office, and some of them for the first time in 2 years.

There was tons of camaraderie in the air, lots of smiles and laughter on the floor, excitement about the new plans and goals unveiled by Diva. Harsha Bhogle’s inspirational guest lecture pepped up the energy level to the peak

Here are the glimpses from the All Hands event.

Folks who completed more than 5 years with Innominds
Folks who completed more than 15 years with Innominds
with Vivek and Anil
with Vivek and Lakshmi
Srini – DevOps Practice Head
Satya Jampa – Architect
Sai Eluri
Radhika hosting Innominds Team: Varun, Ken, Diva, Vivek, Lakshmi and Abhilash at Villa 369

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