Coffee Estate Stay in Chikkamagaluru

We camped at Coffee Estate in Chikkamagaluru for 3 evenings during this Christmas holidays and explored the serene nature around Chikkamagaluru, which is located on the foothills of the Mullayanagiri peak of the Western Ghats.  This coffee estate, which is called Baarbara Estate Camp, is situated at an altitude of 5000ft and nestled amidst thick vegetation, as you can see from pics shot from DJI Mavic.

The coffee camp is on a plantation with a rich heritage and coffee lineage that dates back to 1896.  We really enjoyed the hospitality, along with home-cooked delicacies in the morning, coffee brewed with its own plantation beans, and delicious dinner served in the presence of barbecue fire.   Using this place as our base camp, we embarked on two treks, one around Mullayanagiri Peak, and another one at Kemmannugundi Peak       

Here are a few pics and clips from our stay.

Twilight View from the Sky
A walk inside/around the Estate
Early Morning View from the Sky
Inside Tour
With Estate Crew
Coffee brewed with Plantation Beans.
Breakfast – Day 1
Breakfast at Coffee Camp – Day 2

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