Columbia River Gorge, Portland

Madhu and Meher are my childhood buddies from the 5th grade, which means friends forever now. Last Friday, I met Madhu at his home in Portland, and the next day we drove for 3-hrs to meet Meher who is in Seattle. I am lucky to get a chance to meet them once every few years. While in Portland, we spend about 6 hrs. doing the popular Angel’s Rest Rail, which offers 270-degree views of Columbia Gorge. This blog provides an overview of the trail, and cool pics and clips.

Angels Rest is an exposed bluff on the western end of the Columbia River Gorge. The summit to the cliff is characterized by a long, rocky spine surrounded on three sides by cliffs, boasting a striking 270-degree view. The real draw, however, is the perspective of the Columbia River below – like you’re on a balcony over a great auditorium. Its 1500-foot prominence and its proximity to the Columbia River give you the false sensation that you could dive from Angels Rest to the water below.

Getting to the top takes a relatively short hike (2.4 miles one-way) with an easy to moderately steep ascent. For a beginner like me, it’s considered a relatively not-so-easy hike. The trail passes two waterfalls along the way, an overhead view of Coopey Falls and a quick detour to smaller Upper Coopey Falls.

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