Monsoon Breakfast in Malli Orchards

We celebrated World Environment Day, and the first weekend of the #2021Monsoon, with a sumptuous breakfast and farm-cooked lunch at a 50-acre Organic Farm ‘Malli Orchards’ located in the Moinabad distract, just outside Hyderabad. Our small group includes colleagues who were all either had Covid warrior status or vaccine jabbed.

It was a welcome break, after being at home for months in a row.  Now that signs of Wave 2 waning down, we are cautiously stepping out to selective location ensure safety precautions. Each colleague cooked breakfast items at home, and Siri (who runs GoXp camp-site at this farm) also arranged for awesome farm-cooked lunch.

I did get many messages asking why I am not on the road these days. I am sure everyone knows the reason.  Here are few pics and clips from today’s event.

Malli Orchards boasts of growing over 25 different types of Mangoes. Here is the Mango Catalog Clip.

Mango Types @ The Farm

2 thoughts on “Monsoon Breakfast in Malli Orchards

  1. Hey, came across your YouTube channel for Malli farm. Looks Nice place. Do you have contact details for the farm. not able to find anywhere. TIA.


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