Revanth and Keerthana’s Engagement

Happy to announce Revanth’s engagement with Keerthana early this week, amidst very limited family members (including Aniketh who flew in just for a 24 hr stay in Bangalore) and friends at Golden Resort Moon in Hoskote (outside Bangalore).  It was raved as one of the most organized and perfectly executed events, thanks to flawless hosting by the Mucherla family. 

Revanth and Keerthana met early this year and were very sure from the beginning of their meet-up that they are destined to be together forever. Here is a brief introduction of Keerthana, as most of you would be very curious to know. 

Keerthana is born and raised in Bangalore and lives in the Indira Nagar area of Bangalore.  She is currently working as a Senior RPA Developer at Ernst and Young.   Keerthana has been trained in Carnatic Music for 12 years now and is now a prolific singer.  She is also an amateur guitarist and ukulele player.  She had actually uploaded 100 songs on Insta during Covid Lockdown, one song per day, spread across 5 languages.  Keerthana comfortably speaks in six languages, is also a blogger, and pens wisdom quotes introspecting life’s musings every Wednesday on instr.   She is also passionate about photography and is quite good at it.  Her parents say, Keerthana is a born leader, and was in NCC, and also a Head Girl in her school.   

Most of my readers know about Revanth already.  However, here is the gist about Revanth too.  Revanth is born in Houston, raised partly in Dallas, and spent most of his growing years in Hyderabad with intimate access to a large family with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and about dozen cousins.   Owing to this and diverse desi heritage, he has inherited the best of breed of cultural integration from both east and west.  Radhika and I have enjoyed raising Revanth as a global citizen, who turned out to be a gentle soul and was always been no maintenance kid

Revanth completed his BS in Computer Science from JNTU which coincidently is my alma mater too. Revanth graduated with honors from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Business Analytics.  Revanth currently works in a full-time role with the Operations Research team for Southwest Airlines located in Love Field, Dallas.

Revanth and his team of Data Science veterans create data science-powered tools and weave complex algorithms to optimize Southwest’s flight schedules thus helping flight analysts make informed decisions, making travel economical for millions of travelers out there while continuing to ensure Southwest as one of the most profitable airlines.  Revanth previously worked at a few startups and a healthcare company as an intern.

When asked Keerthana about Revanth, she says Revanth has more than what meets the eye. He has an eccentric sense of humor, which people say isn’t easy to get. As humble as he is, the more exquisite his taste for things is.  A self-proclaimed home chef (with crazy experiments that he does, God bless lol). 

Keerthana feels she has known Revanth forever already. She feels though both of them are two different individuals with very different tastes, their values amalgamate at a deeper level. Revanth a hard-core movie buff makes sure that flavor of him is doesn’t go unnoticed. She further add, his enigma is something that most of us underestimate or fail to understand, but once you do the appreciation is deeper.

As you can guess already, entire family is thrilled to welcome Keerthana to part of our clan. I am extra excited given that I will be getting another buddy to share my hobbies.  Wedding event is likely to be in Dallas, US and the date would be announced 3 months in advance.  I am sure all our US friends and families would be thrilled to hear this.

For a change, I was on other side of the camera this time, hence delayed update. Here are few pics and clips from the photoshoot, ahead of the engagement event. Yes, it wasn’t easy to choose the best out of 3000 pics 🙂

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