Natural Farm Tour with Jeevamrut Foods

Radhika Chintala often gets her organic and farm-fresh vegetables from Jeevamrut Foods Store. Jeevamrut team source their vegetables from various farms around the tri-states. Today they had arranged for an educational farm tour on organic farming at Chinappa’s farm and also arranged for a nice lunch cooked using veggies sourced right from the farm itself.

This 15-acre farm is about 45 minutes from Hitech city. Chinappa said, he got into organic farming just about 4 years ago, with zero knowledge, and learned various techniques over time. He did acknowledge several struggles and quoted pure passion for natural farming as one of the reasons to stay put.

About Jeevamrut: Jeevamrut is a team of smart educated members with a passion for farming and the health of people and the planet. The team has members with a stronger skill set and industry experience in Natural Farming, Technology, and Supply chain management. The team is working with farmers in Telangana and Karnataka region to help them earn a higher and sustainable income by supporting in making the process efficient using technology and getting the market.

Jeevamrut group also organizes farm tours for education and awareness of city people in addition to fun elements for kids. The team is working towards bringing a health revolution in-country by working in the food and Agri industry by doing innovation in technology and the food supply chain. People interested in buying natural authentic fruits, vegetables, and grocery can reach out to Jeevamrut @ / 95731 23971

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2 thoughts on “Natural Farm Tour with Jeevamrut Foods

  1. Awesome.. Really I loved it. Even I should be the part of these kinds of activities along with my family..


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