Welcoming 2021 from the Green Acres Farm

I woke up to the below dramatic Winter Morning views at 6AM on the first day of the 2021, and shot below clip at 7AM from the roof of the Green Acres farm (90 min from home), from 15 meters high on my Mavic Mini. Green Acres is a 100% organic and self-sustainable farm, built ground-up over the period of two decades by Venky Talla, in a unique bed and breakfast format.

I am blessed to be spending the first day of the year, and the first weekend at the farm in nature, amidst friends and family. We also celebrated Venky Talla’s birthday which happens to be on Jan 1st. Anita Talla and her chef hosted us and serenaded us with delicious food round the clock. See below clips and pics, for a glimpse of our experience

I am fully energized to positively kick-off 2021.Happy New Year y’all.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming 2021 from the Green Acres Farm

  1. Hii…lovely blog ..and really didn’t know we had so many places in telangana to go to..
    Just saw your new year blog…would love to spend a day in such farm…so can you let me know if they allow guests and if yes any contact number


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