Keerthana and Sunny – An Intimate Wedding Event in 2020

Here is the blog that documents the epic conclusion of Sunny and Keerthana’s wedding celebrations and the fantastic pics captured by Issac Photography crew and a few from my own Canon 6D. It’s one of the most intimate weddings that we have participated in our lifetime. Owing to one of the positive side effects of COVID, this wedding was limited to the inner circle (close family members and friends of bride and groom).

We spent over 12 hours on/around the Wedding Platform and got to participate in all the beautiful rituals of the Great Indian Wedding. I felt as I was watching a Pavan Kalyan or Rajani Kanth or Salman Khan movie, thanks to the number of whistles and cheers that reverberated throughout the wedding, thanks to the super young and energetic crowd belonging to both bride and groom’s family.

Manikanta (Sunny) was introduced to Keerthana (Kittu) by a common family friend, just a few weeks before our universe got hit by the COVID phenomenon. Sunny says he felt a deep connection with Kittu instantly when he saw her Photograph and learned about her background and interests. However, the only post Unlock Down 1.0 around June 1st week, both families were able to meet each other for formal introductions and meet-ups under “New Normal”.

Sunny and Kittu met for the first time on June 15th, and both acknowledged the sparks and chemistry between them, and both said BIG YES on the same evening, to move ahead for getting hitched. Though they had very few opportunities for romantic outings during the last 6 months, they seem to have deeply bonded thanks to round-the-clock ZOOM calls and WhatsApp conversations, and these pics reflect the same.

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