Keerthana and Sunny’s Engagement

Manikanta (Sunny) was introduced to Keerthana (Kittu) by a common family friend, just a few weeks before our universe got hit by COVID phenomenon. Sunny says he felt a deep connection with Kittu instantly when he saw her Photograph and learned about her background and interests.

However, only post Unlock Down 1.0 around June 1st week, both families were able to meet each other for formal introductions and meet-ups under “New Normal”. Sunny and Kittu met for the first time on June 15th, and both acknowledged the sparks and chemistry between them, and both said BIG YES on the same evening, to move ahead for getting hitched.

Though they had very few opportunities for romantic outings during the last 5 months, they seem to have deeply bonded thanks to round-the-clock ZOOM calls and WhatsApp conversations

Sunny and Kittu got engaged this evening amidst very very close family members (just about 50 folks, to ensure safety for everyone and respect the law), while rest of the extended family and friends participated remotely via YouTube LIVE feed.

Radhika, Aniketh and I had a chance to attend the event LIVE, and here are a few glimpses from the pre-event and the main event

Keerthana (AKA Kittu) – New Member of Chintala Clan
Made for Each Other – Keerthana and Sunny
Manikanta – AKA Sunny
with Father and Father-in-Law
Bride’s Parents
Groom’s Parents
Bride Side Matriarch
Future is clear 🙂
Cousins Squad from both sides
Pop Cousins
Proud Father-In-Law

Yesterday I did a 10 min interview with both Sunny and Kittu to capture their inner thoughts when they saw each other’s photos and met for the first time on June 15th. However, due to bad luck, my video was shot on slomo without the audio (due to setting my earlier shoot at the water falls). Hence I used some of the same footage with a song from Life is Beautiful.

Ramesh and Ashwini – Groom’s Parents
Boasting of two daughters now 🙂
The Groom’s Family
with Radhika and my dude
3 Brothers
Suresh and Sharada

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