Ganesh Festival 2020

It was a very quiet Ganesh Chaturthi at home this year, due to ongoing pandemic situation.  However due to side effect of this, I am very thankful that Aniketh is with us this year and was part of the pooja event.   Though he was not excited to wake up early for Pooja, he did participate in the pooja which was facilitated using directions via video on the YouTube.

Radhika as usual whipped festival delicacies, which include Chavithi Payasam,  Thummi Koora, Potlakaya Chutney, Baby Tamarind Chutney, Beerkaya Chutney and more.  Post pooja event, Aniketh and I drove to my parent’s house and visited them in ‘social distancing’ mode, and also shared Radhika’s trademarked Chavithi Payasam to few friends and families (again in social distancing mode).

All our brothers shared glimpses over the Whatsapp, as seen below.

Chavithi Payasam using Express / Jugaad Way
Completed 30-min version of Ganesh Pooja
Aniketh excited to be part of the Pooja 🙂
Snakegourd Salad / Chutney
Ridgegourd Chutney
Baby Tamarind Chutney
Thummi Koora
My brother and vadina
My Parents
Sampath and Padma
Rohit and Rahul
Ramesh and Ashwini
Superhuman Cooking by Shiri Vooturi
Vooturi Gang
with Revanth
Anusha and Chetan

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