Breakfast & Lunch On Sugarcane Farm

I spent most of the day today at Ravi Kulkarni’s Sugarcane farm.  Ravi is my colleague at Innominds, and has been a friend for 15 years.    Ravi inherited 15-acre land from his grandparents 6 years ago, which was in a pretty barren format with tons of weeds.   He spent weekends at the Farm over last 6 years, and turned it into a fertile land and now growing Sugar Care as seen in below pics  

I along with few of colleagues from Innominds spent the day on a farm and experienced the beauty of being in the nature.   Our spouses cooked breakfast and lunch for us, which we relished in midst of the nature in the farm.  Ravi says, he now spends once a month in the farm, and his caretaker does most of the farming, and he watches the activity over the Facetime calls. I guess , we should it call it ZOOM FARMING

Here are some pics and video’s from today’s visit.

IT Farmer – Ravi Kulkarni
Venkat Gottipati
Kalyan Ghattu
Kiran Abburu

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