Healthy Living Workshop by Dr. Nandita Shah

Today, I have attended Dr. Nandita’s workshop on reversing Diabetes and Hypertension, though I do not have any of those problems.  Radhika encourage me to attend the workshop, given the high risk of such health issues in the later phases of my life.

Dr Nandita Shah is the recipient of the prestigious Nari Shakti Award 2016, the highest award for women in India, for her pioneering work in the field of health and nutrition from the President of India. She is also the author of the book Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days.  5 hours lecture on nutrition and its link to disease, 3 gourmet plant-based meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks) and a booklet packed with all the important notes and information  

Most the workshop focussed on embracing Veganism, Organic and whole food.  It was a worthwhile workshop, to refresh some of my past learning and busting some of the myths I have had, and lots of new revelations.  Some of the learnings are documented below.

Four main nutritional causes of disease:

  • Excess Fat
  • Excess Protein
  • Lack of Fibre
  • Acidic Food

For optimal health, our diet should be:

  • Low in fat and cholesterol free
  • High in fibre
  • High in nutrients
  • Alkaline

A whole food, plant based (vegan) diet meets all of above criteria.  Before you eat anything, check:  Is it plant based ? Is it whole food (the one which is not refined) ?

Why veganism for health ?  Vegan food, with its densely packed nutrients and fibre, and lack of cholesterol, is extremely healthy. Adopting a vegan diet improves health, and even allows people to wean themselves off prescription medications. Medical research indicates that lifelong vegetarians and vegans visit hospitals 22% less often than meat eaters.  

9 Principles of transition to health diet:

  1. Move from Animal based products to Plant Based Products
  2. Refined Grain to Whole Grain
  3. Refined Sweeteners to Unrefined
  4. Juices to Whole Fruit
  5. Extracted fats (oil, butter) to Whole Fats of Nuts and seeds
  6. Peeled Fruits to Unpeeled Fruits
  7. Frying and Over Cooking to  Poaching, Blanching, Steaming, Dry Roasting
  8. All cooked to 50% cooked or Fresh
  9. Pesticide / Chemical Ridden Fruits to Organic Food

10 Guidelines for healthy Living

  1. Practice kindness and compassion towards yourself and your food
  2. Eat food that is anatomically suitable (Plant Based)
  3. Eat whole rather than refined or processed food (no white rice, white flour, white sugar or oil)
  4. Eat Fresh and unprocessed food, avoid junk food, artificial food, and processed food
  5. Eat local and seasonal
  6. Always separate fruit from your main meal.  You should eat fruit on an empty stomach, not after a meal
  7. Do no use microwave, aluminium, and non-stock utensils
  8. Eat mindfully, engaging all 5 senses
  9. Eat according to / when hunger only
  10. Eat at least two hours before you go to bed

TOP 5 Takeaways

  • Eat Plant Based Food
  • Eat Whole Food
  • Take Vitamin D supplement (Calcitrol), if it’s low.   Hyderabad sun won’t give any, due to smog
  • Take vitamin B12 supplements (Methylcabamin), if it’s low
  • Favour organic food wherever possible

Practical Tips:

  1. Make a menu plan
  2. Soak a bean every night
  3. Keep healthy Snacks available
  4. Make your food delicious
  5. Don’t make too many social plans in first 1 month
Recommend Diet Menu
Vegan Lunch Served at Workshop
Vegan Snacks @ Workshop
Catering Team

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