Another Big Indian Wedding in the family – Anusha & Chetan

Anusha Chintala and Chetan Agarwal met at a Dental College in Belgaum about a decade ago in 2008 and studied together for 5 years. Later they continued studies in the Master program in New York and Boston for another 5 years. All along, they knew they are the soulmates for life, and announced to loved ones about 2 years ago.

Anusha and Chetan got married just a month before the world disrupted the way we have never imagined. So, we are glad that we could host, witness, and participate in a big, beautiful, and fairy tale wedding. We are sure, it will be a while, before we witness a wedding with such a large gathering

Sit back, and relax and check out the huge array of collection of pics of the awesome event

Introduction of Groom and the Bride

Pre-Wedding Reception Events

The Big Family Photo Shoot 🙂

The Big Wedding Rituals

The Final Farewell Event, The Giving Away of Bride

A sweet video of the roller coaster of emotions from friends and family, as Anusha Chintala, headed out of the wedding atrium to begin her new journey with Chetan Agarwal. Anusha pledged she won’t emotional, and she almost didn’t, however, it wasn’t easy to get teary for her and all others around her.

The clip is powered by the endearing song ‘Dilbaro’ from the movie Raazi with Kashmiri lyrics. Listed below is the meaning of the lyrics

Rest of the Big Collection of the PicsRest of the Big Collection of the Pics

Satyanarayana Pooja Next Day

Other Misc Pics

One thought on “Another Big Indian Wedding in the family – Anusha & Chetan

  1. Its a visual treat..god bless the lovely couple..the best couple award goes to u n radhika mam fr sure…looking so graceful..


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