Just around Pattaya

Srinivas Chintala and Suresh Chintala on behalf of Shivani Clothing hosted a massive international fabric conference and launched two of their premium Greek and Italian themed fabrics via their own brands “Zaccari” and “Fashion Flair”. Over the period of one week, they hosted 700 retail clients from over 40 cities to unveil the latest trends in the industry.

International themed and one of a kind fabric conference was held at The Zign Hotel, overlooking the scenic and serene beach. Extensive arrangements were made to ensure comfort and luxury for all the guests and their families.

Post the day time conference, guests were serenaded with entertainment, drinks and comfort food. Shivani Team actually got 20 member chef team from “Delhi Caterers” of HYD came to cook 75-item food for all 3 meals of the day.

No wonder, I am told the entire team is getting raving feedback on the overall experience of the one of the kind event.

Finally, they arranged for tours for all popular local attractions. Personally, I had a good time hanging out with my parents and extended family. Here are few glimpses of the events in this blog and previous three blogs too, as we roamed around Pattaya and Bangkok, visiting Sanctuary of Truth, Big Buddha Temple, Tiger Park, Reclining Buddha Temple, Coral Island, explored local Cuisine, Sports, and other events.

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