Barefoot Beach, Florida

Barefoot Beach Preserve is another perfect beach choice for those wanting to enjoy a more natural beach environment surrounded by wildlife and greenery and was within few minutes of my hotel. Barefoot Beach Preserve is at the end of Barefoot Beach Rd off Bonita Springs Road. You have to drive through a complex of upscale homes and condos to get to it.   

The Preserve is 342-acres of unspoiled land and supposedly one of the last undeveloped barrier islands on the west coast of Florida. It is on Little Hickory Island and has 8,200 feet of beach stretching south to Wiggins Pass. Nature lovers will enjoy this beautiful beach which features a one-mile-long boardwalk/nature trail.  A palm-lined oceanfront with gentle waves, makes the experience very much serene.  I spent my last evening of this trip in Florida, to witness the sunset and capture below clips.

Avocado Brunch at Bonita Brunch
Waffle with Berries and Bananas at Bonita Brunch

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