Gullfoss Waterfalls of Iceland

Gullfoss is not only known for its breathtaking power but also the rainbows that are thrown from its spray on a sunny day. These only add to an already beautiful sight; other than the dramatic valley and falls, the area looks over rolling fields, right up to the magnificent ice sheet of Langjökull.  

The ‘Golden Waterfall’, Gullfoss one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in Iceland, plummeting 32 metres in two tiers into the river gorge of the popular rafting river Hvítá. It is just a ten-minute drive from Geyser and is the furthest point on the Golden Circle from Reykjavík.

Gullfoss isn’t any less spectacular in the winter, the season that we venture into. While you cannot get as close, seeing it partly frozen, carrying chunks of ice into the abyss, is mesmerizing. If you visit in winter, be sure to wrap up warm; the winds coming over the glacier are notoriously sharp, and you don’t want them to shorten your stay.   We managed to stay here for about 30 minutes, as we took a bus ride to this place, and not allowed to stay beyond that duration.

Gullfoss Waterfall   

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