Experiencing Winterstorm around East Coast

For about 4 days last week, I spent time traveling around the East Coast meeting our clients in Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York City.  Here are the different visuals (pics and video clips) from my experience bracing winter storm and running into some land-mark locations.

This is the second time, walking into fantastic World Trade Center Transportation Hub and Path Terminal along with a collogue (Santosh) and then later with my buddy (Praveen Pati) for 30 years.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub and Path Terminal


Praveen Pati – The Singer and Friend for 30 years
Santosh from Innominds
External View of WTC Path Terminal
World Trade Center 2.0

I noticed the sign for Brooklyn Bridge exit when I was on the subway train in NYC, a few days ago, Enroute from my client location to my hotel and quickly exited the subway train without any advance plan. Few of my colleagues and friends had mentioned a few times about Brooklyn Bridge Walk.

Despite the fact that I have been to NYC so many times, I never had a chance to take a nice walk on this bridge, which is featured in so many movies. I ended up walking for about 55-minutes from one end to the other in the 5-C temperature around the twilight time and thoroughly enjoyed the serenity and views. Colors of the sky were awesome, as it was a twilight period.

Since I had no SLR with me, I missed taking some cool clips. But for a change, it did give time to enjoy the quiet walk. I just used my pocket gimbal to capture this clip just when I reached half-way. I will be surely returning to this bridge again, for an early morning walk and will do some wide-angle photography.

Detour to McD for breakfast with Girish Nair, Enroute to Boston, in a winter storm. I do not need a strong reason to use my gadgets. I was also testing my stamina for surviving subzero temperatures, as I head to Iceland in a few weeks 🙂

Girish Nair caught off-guard when he felt as if a big semi-truck coming in the opposite direction on a one-way zone, due to an optical illusion. I caught his look and the illusion on the pocket gimbal 🙂

Enroute to Boston in sub-zero temperature. Girish Nair was driving, and I was just recording a few clips using OSMO Pocket gimbal.

This is when Google made us take a detour via small neighborhood called “Little Wood”, due to a collision on I-95

This is shot on Pearl Harbour Memorial Bridge (ask Q Bridge) in CT

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