Cheetahs and Leopards of Africa – Masai Mara Photography

Leopards and cheetahs are two very different cats and yet so often people get them mixed up and I did too until I found easy answers from Google. Cheetahs have spots where leopards have rosettes. The spot of a cheetah is a clear, single, black spot separated from the other spots on the cat’s body. A leopard, however, has smaller irregular shaped spots that group together in circles to form rosettes.  

Cheetahs also have a tear line on their face that makes them easily distinguishable from leopards and other big cats. Cheetah is the fastest mammal on the Earth and its body is more streamlined. Small head, long legs, slender body, exposed shoulder blades, pumped chest and thin stomach, these properties make them exceptionally fast runners. On the other side, the leopard has a more robust build, they are stronger than cheetahs. Leopards are shorter at the shoulder than cheetahs but are more muscular.

Cheetah prefers open lands as other bigger predators like lion and leopards can be spotted easily. On the other hand, leopard spends most of its time on trees, and we could spot them only twice during the entire trip

Baby Cheetah

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