Two days around Windy City – Chicago

I spent two days this week in Chicago, meeting prospects and clients.  Here are a few pics that I clicked as I got in/out of various meetings. I definitely liked Chicago downtown way better than New York where I spent few days last week, due to many factors such as look & feel, diversity of the crowd, food choices, cleaner streets, the pace of the city, etc.. Overall, I just felt good walking around the downtown.

Some trivia from a blog @ on why Chicago is called Windy city. Chicago is a city of many names – The Second City, Chi-Town, and The Heart of America, to name a few. Among the city’s most widely known nicknames, however, is the Windy City. If you’ve ever felt the frigid breeze off Lake Michigan on a winter day in Chicago, the name probably seems fitting. However, while Chicago certainly has its fair share of wind, it actually isn’t all that special when it comes to gusty weather. In fact, plenty of other major cities, like Boston and San Francisco, are known to have higher average wind speeds.

Trump Tower


Trump Tower
Views from 22nd floor of Trump Tower


View from 15th floor of another building near Randalf Street, where I visited a client


Cloud Gate is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor, that is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in Chicago downtown.  Constructed between 2004 and 2006, the sculpture is nicknamed The Bean because of its shape.

No intro needed for Chicago Bean


IMG_20180919_153412 (1)

Fantastic well-done pizza (just under 3 minutes while you still wait in the check out line) at Dulles Airport, en route to Chicago

Chicago Pizza



2 thoughts on “Two days around Windy City – Chicago

  1. Excellent snaps! How were you able to get to 22nd fl of Trump building? Is it public or was it a client visit? Just a few minor corrections: “windy city” historically comes from Chicago notables talking big talk. Roof pics are from 16th fl and Randolph is correct spelling.


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