Fashion Flair Conference in Goa

I have made it to the FASHION FLAIR conference being held in Zuri White Sands Beach Resort of Goa, on the last day of the week-long conference. My brothers scaled to the next level in the textile space, by venturing into the charter of creating their own brand, now catering to customers with diverse appeal and budget.

Over 700 retailers (some of them include big names that you can think of) across Pan India were invited to experience new fabrics and make a purchase ahead of upcoming Big Indian Festivals. The conference is already termed a big hit, owing to the quality and pricing of the products conceived by SV group. SV Brothers are witnessing accolades and appreciations and their phones are constantly ringing throughout the day from retailers across India, include those who did not make it to the event.

This conference is being touted as of one of a kind, as it is being conducted in an awesome location, sales happened with digital booking concept aided by pre-printed barcodes, which ensured absolute clarity to both retailers and distributors, on what they are buying, what they will get, and how much quantity is being sold, and how much is left. SV Group continues to raise the bar each year to the complete surprise of their peers and competitors in the market space.

I wish them continued success in their journey.


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